Members Information

Chippenham Park Tennis Club Members Information

1 A copy of the Constitution is available from the Website and on the Club notice board.
2 The Club is based in John Coles Park, which opens at Sunrise and closes at Sunset. The courts are located at the southern end of the Park and can be accessed form Fleet Road at the end of which there is a small car park. Toilettes are available in the Park.
3 The 3 tennis courts have just been re-laid with an all-weather surface and new surround fencing. The nets and posts are new with one Net Winder kept in the club hut for adjusting the height of the net along with a measuring stick, These two items must be returned to the Hut immediately after net adjustment.
4 Club members have priority on courts 1 & 2 at all times, with court 3 available when the ‘public’, are not using it. The allocation of block booking for matches, mix-ins and coaching can be seen on the Booking site, we will also endeavor to have a hard copy of all court allocation on the Club notice board in the Hut each week.
5 Adult visitors may play at the club for a fee of £2 per visit and Young People under the age of 16 or in full time education for £1 per visit. Visitors must be accompanied by a member at all times, with their names entered in  the ‘Visitors Book’ and the Fees forwarded to the Treasurer. Repeat Visitors should be encouraged to join the Club.
6 Only non- ribbed or marking tennis shoes are allowed on the courts.
7 Tennis balls are provided for matches and mix-ins with a limited supply being kept in the hut for members use.
8 There are no match fees at the moment, with the cost of catering for home matches or transport for away matches shared out amongst the team players.
9 The Key to the Hut is available to members for a deposit of £10 paid to the Treasurer, refundable on return of the Key.
10 Tea and Coffee are available in the Hut, but members are asked to bring a small amount with them if they wish to partake of these beverages so the stocks remain the same. We now have a Hot Water heater this is to be left switched on at all times, but turned down to ‘0’ when the Hut is vacated. The new Fridge is also to be emptied of all consumables on vacating the Hut.
11 If members are sitting out at the mix-ins washing up, hovering the floor, emptying the bin and keeping the hut in a presentable state along with bringing to the attention of a committee member any maintenance issue’s, is to be desired as we have no cleaner.